New Bling for the British

1:20:00 PM

Available in both 20 x 8.5 and 20 x 10, the wheels offer a multitude of fitments or can be run as a ‘Big ‘n Little’ set for a killer staggered RWD stance. Both designs are finished in full triple-plated show quality chrome, which if looked after properly, should be able to cope with even a British winter. Fitments announced so far include BMW, Mercedes, Lexus. Mitsubishi, Nissan, Audi, Mustang, The 300C and most prestige cars. Staggered sets are already available in 5 x 112 and 5 x 114.3 stud patterns. Best of all, both sets are fully compatible with the latest Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, so your ego can stay inflated, along with your rubber. With a full 12 months limited warranty on finish, it seems that beauty may for once, be more than skin deep. Prices for all fitments are just £425.00 INC. VAT per wheel For more information on Luxury Wheels and their product range, please visit or call them (free!) on (0) 808 166 1212

By Michael Satterfield

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