Cash For Clunkers: Time to get your GT-R

10:37:00 AM

The UK has already put in place a "Cash for Clunkers" legilsation that is touted as a program that will remove gas guzzling cars and trucks from the Queens motorways. However, according to Autotrader UK two of the first vehilces purchased under this new program may suprise you. Smart ForTwo? No... Prius? No way... G-Wiz? Hevens no... because the UK legislation does not require new car buyers to purcahse more fuel effiancent vehilces to qualify for the program so... at least two of the first buyers to take advantage of this purcahse 473 horse power Nissan GT-R's.

Here in the US we will not be able to trade our cars in under the clucker bill and purchase GT-R, GT500's or anything else remotely fun. But if you really wanted to stiumlate the economy you would want more of these cars on the road, higher sales tax, more gas, higher insurance, and you know what they still are much cleaner then anything on the road 20 years ago. So everyone please do your part and purchase a sports car with at least a V6 in it. Camaro, Mustang, GT-R, should all be at the top of your shopping lists.

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