Annoying Parts of a Motoring Life

8:27:00 AM

So after a great weekend off, I decided to head into my office Monday morning to get some work done. On my way out to the Mini parked in front of my house, I notice that the door was not closed all the heart sunk as I knew that my car had been violated. It is a strange feeling knowing someone has been in your car, I looked and noticed that they used a coat hanger to rear through the rear vented windows to pull the lock and handle as evident by the scratches. What did these master criminals steal, a pair of Ray Bans, the face from my CD Player, Loose Change, a copy of Hemmings Sports & Exotics, and my iPod Connect Cable. Knowing the meter-maids will do nothing (unless they can issue a ticket), I am just going to move on. It is sad because I don't live in a bad neighborhood, in fact, I live in a very nice area of Rancho so I am sure it is just some local kids.

But it is a part of car ownership, honestly, I have a had a very good run having owned so many unique and sometimes rare and valuable cars that I have never been broken into until now. Oh well, perhaps I should get a massively annoying alarm....but I would have to make it work with BLM never mind.

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