Barry Bryant dies in 200-mph crash at Bonneville

7:25:00 AM

Barry is Third from the left pictured with his family of racers.

Speedweek: Barry Bryant, 46, of Anderson, Calif., was fatally injured Sunday at 5:55 p.m., when his car went out of control and crashed during Speed Week. Bonneville National Inc. officials said Bryant's car was traveling about 200 mph when the accident occurred and left debris over a quarter of a mile. After being taken from the track in an ambulance, he has transported to the Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City 120 miles away, but he died before reaching the hospital.

The Bryant family has been racing the salt since 1958 and held several records. The Tom Thumb car that Barry was driving has been a regular at land speed events since 1992 and has regularly done over 200 MPH. In 1997 Tom Thumb had a major crash due to handling problems with Jeff Bryant behind the wheel, he walked away.

Our thoughts are with the Bryant family.

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