Monaco is calling

12:06:00 PM

MP Motoring Life is more about the automotive lifestyle, then just hard core racing, so when I saw this new phone from Gresso I thought I would share it. I have always been a sucker for cool phones having owned a number of high end phones, including a limited edition Aston Martin Phone with a ring tone of a revving V8 Vantage. But the new Gresso Monaco is a nice addition to the automotive inspired phone. Not only named after the playground of Europe's elite and home to one of the worlds most famous races, but it is made of carbon fiber. At $2,100 it is far less then the five figure Vertu phones by Nokia. If you got to have one check out for more info.

My current phone of choice Samsung Jack...but don't worry it has a very cool home screen with a 911 on it.

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