Ford brings a little bit of Europe to America

10:12:00 AM

When Ford first started teasing the U.S. with the Transit Connect coming to our shores I was still working as the Internet Sales Manager of a large dealer group that centered around the groups 60-year-old Ford store. I was excited, having traveled around the world I have seen these types of small vans in Europe, Asia, heck even in Nicaragua. I always wondered why we could not get them in the U.S., have you ever tried to park an E250 in downtown L.A.? The Transit Connect has been met with open arms here in California where Ford has already sold over 2,000 in the first month.

Ford's press release stated: "Around the country, small business operators and fleet customers are quickly adding Ford Transit Connect vehicles as an efficient mobility solution for their respective enterprises. In Charlotte, N.C., seven Transit Connect vehicles were sold to Neil Medical Group, a firm that delivers medical supplies to nursing homes and convalescent centers"

It makes sense, I think of my Mothers business Red Barn Ranch Wholesale, she has cool custom F250 King Ranch that fits the lifestyle of the business and makes a great backdrop for photo shoots, but for a trip to L.A. to see suppliers, the Transit Connect is a smart choice.

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