AM General To Build MV-1

10:48:00 AM

Some of you may remember the standard Taxi project AM General was working building a purpose built green Taxi as a replacement to the discontinued and outdated Crown Victoria that cruise the streets of NYC and other major urban centers. The company has also built the first production wheelchair accessible vehicles that can seat 6 adults or 2 full size wheelchairs, as well as many other configurations. With a built in wheelchair ramp to make access simple this is the first purpose built vehicle that has a ADA approved ramp.

The other innovation that should reduce emissions and clean up the air in cities clogged with taxes is the MV-1's natural gas power plant that will give the vehicle a 250 mile range with almost zero emissions. While it is not the best looking vehicle in the world, it is far better looking than the original prototype. Production starts next year at the AM General plant in Mishawaka, Indiana.

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