Video: Bugatti Veyron takes a bath...

5:49:00 AM

The photo above is of a $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron sitting in a salt water lagoon, door open, in two feet muddy water, near Galveston Texas. One of about 15 Bugatti's in the U.S. the yet unnamed owner was driving along chatting on his cell phone, when he was distracted by a pelican the was swooping down towards his quad-turbo, 16-cylinder Veyron. He swerved to avoid the bird, hitting a mud patch and launching the seven figure car into the drink. The Local News station covering the incident reported that the car was left running and ran for about 15 minuets before it died. You would think if the guy was smart enough to generate the type of income that could afford the worlds most expensive car, that he would have had the brains to turn the car off, or at least not open the door. Well he may have inherited his money...

Check out the Video Below:

[Sources: KHOU; YouTube]

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