What does $290,000 get you in Switzerland?

7:21:00 AM

Switzerland does not remain neutral when it comes to speeding, get flashy in your Corvette here in the states and expect a big ticket and some traffic school. In Switzerland... expect a few days in jail a fine of about $850....oh and the other fine of up to 20%-35% of your net monthly income. An unlucky and unnamed driver of a Ferrari Testarossa found out that the speed police are dead serious about keeping the fun out of driving through the winding mountain roads of the Alpines when he set a new record for the most expensive speeding ticket in Swiss history. The driver was caught going 35 mph over the speed limit through the village of St. Hallen, in the US it would cost you a few hundred dollars (the average ticket in the US is about $150), however, because the driver of the Testarossa was wealthy this ticket set him back $290,000 USD, that's about three times the cost of a used Testarossa. The new title holder is reported to be worth over $22 million and owns several cars that he keeps at his villa...

[Source: BBC News / Beattrafictickets.com / Photo: Carlustblog.com ]

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