VIDEO: Mosler RaptorGTR "Music" Video

5:20:00 PM

So the Mosler RaptorGTR is basically a LeMans GT car for the street, but for some reason they have teamed up with "artist" Abby Cubey to produce one strange video. First it starts off with some nice shots of the car, the pulsing sound of a super-car exhaust, but then it all goes wrong. Abby who looks like Snooki from Jersey Shore after a diet, opens her mouth, while some Hipster starts to brakedance (poorly) and play with his synthesizer, the best part of the video might just be the bizarre green screen shots.

The really odd part about this, Mosler supported and is promoting this video....

I guess we hurt their feelings so they blocked the video. Here is a shorter version someone else posted.

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