Celebrity Muscle Cars

11:15:00 AM

It's nice to know not everyone who is considered a celebrity drives around town in Prius. Here are some of the coolest cars celebrities are tooling around LA in.

Actor Hugh Laurie has been seen in Los Angeles in his 66 Ford Galaxie 500.

Rob Dyrdek likes to cruise around in his 1969 Camaro.

Foo Fighters Front-man Dave Grohl can often be seen around Hollywood in his classic Ford Falcon Econoline.

Singer Will.i.am was spotted in Hollywood in this customized 1959 Corvette.

Simon Cowell can often be seen in his Bugatti but last week he decided to take out his new 32 Ford Hot Rod.

Amber Heard drives her 1968 Ford Mustang around LA.

Tom Cruise was spotted on set driving a classic Chevelle. 

Channing Tatum's old School Chevy Pickup is classy.

Jeremy Piven has owned this Bronco for years and is always spotted tooling around town in  it.

Kellan Lutz likes to pull the Shelby GT500 every now and again.

 Adam Levine drives a Porsche 356 around LA all the time, we are guessing with his income its not a kit...

Source: Celebritycarsblog.com

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