Chrysler News: Trademarks "8 Mile" and "Detroit Motor Works"

10:24:00 AM

By Michael Satterfield

Chrysler has been at the trademark office again according to Snapping up names including Detroit Motor Works, Wrangler Freedom Edition, 8 Mile, Crossroad, Chrysler 100, Ram ProMaster, and Ram ProMaster City. The Chrysler 100 model has been rumored to be coming out based on the larger 4 door version of the Fiat 500, its said that US Chrysler dealers got a sneak-peek in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.  

The ProMaster names Fiat's answer to the Ford Transit with its Fiat Ducato vans. Now it looks as if those will come with ProMaster badges under the Ram banner. Ushering slow movement back towards commercial vehicles a segment that Chrysler allowed to slip away before the bailout and buyout by Fiat. The commercial segment is now more crowded with Nissan's new full size vans, which by the way are excellent. But it will give Ford some new competition in the city delivery vehicle market.

With names like Detroit Motor Works, 8 Mile and Crossroad all leave the door open for some speculation of new models or special editions. Chrysler/Fiat if you are listening, please learn from the lessons of Ford and don't release a Eminem designed car called the 8 Mile edition, we are all still suffering from the Funkmaster Flex Editions that Ford released.  


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