eBay Watch: 1972 Ferrari 312 PB

10:57:00 AM

by Michael Satterfield

You never know what you'll find on eBay but today a rare 1972 Ferrari 312 PB race car replica popped up, while it is a replica its pretty darn good. According to the seller the car was "Built 20 Years ago by John Hajduk and his very well known Ferrari shop. Very correct copy. Built with Formula 1 Spec 312 Engine and Transmission. All correct Ferrari Uprights, Wheels, Gauges, etc. . . Every rivet and weld is correct. Car has just enough of the proper patina to pass the acid test at any Ferrari event." Is it worth the $795,000 asking price??? I don't know, but I sure did enjoy the photos. Check out more below, or head over to eBay and make an offer. SEE THE LISTING HERE

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