The Gardner Mustang

11:19:00 AM

This is a rare piece of Mustang history, the car known as "The Gardner Mustang". This two seater fastback Mustang with the LeMans gas cap, was stolen from Ford in the early 60's. The designer Vince Gardner could not stand to see it crushed so he hid it from Ford and walled it up a local warehouse. Just like an episode of Storage Wars, Gardner did not pay his rent and the when the owner of the warehouse discovered the stolen car, he called the police. The insurance company having paid Ford's claim, ended up with the car and an executive at the company purchased it. Bill Snyder eventually bought the car from that executive and was proud to show the car to the public once again.

The car on display in the early 60's
The car is a pre-production Mustang that was shortened 16 inches and equipped with a V-8 bored and stroked from 260. Dearborn Steel Tubing, the company behind the Ford Thunderbolt, created the one off fiberglass body, and delivered the car to Ford. The car toured the country for a time and was destined for the scrapyard,when Gardner liberated it. While Ford did play with several two seat Mustang styling exercises this is the only one ever to get past the sketch and into the prototype phase.

The Gardner Mustang appeared again for the first time in public at Amelia Island as part of the concours’s "What Were They Thinking?" class. The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance will take place March 8-10,, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida. 


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