The Best Five Bikes for $5000 or less on Craigslist Right Now

8:57:00 AM

There are a lot of great bikes out there, most of the ones I want are at least 20 Grand, so I decided to see if you could really get a kick-ass bike for around $5K. Here is what I found on Craigslist.
In Southern, California $5,000 will get you this amazing 1946 Royal Enfield, 500cc, 4 speed, Magneto fired, kicker, in a cafe racer style. CLICK HERE to see the whole ad.

Craigslist in Austin, Texas turned up this really clean 1982 Yamaha Cafe Racer with a ton of upgrades and new parts its a steal for $4,200. CLICK HERE to see the ad.

In Stewartsville, NJ you can pick up this 1975 Triumph 750 Trident, for $5,000 its cheap entry point into the classic Triumph Motorcycle world. CLICK HERE to see the ad.  

This 1969 Triumph T100R from Tacoma, WA is not a runner, but for $2,500 bucks I could not pass it up. Plus it comes with extra parts. CLICK HERE for the ad. 

This 1973 Honda cl350 from Denver, CO is supper cool. I love the lean classic look of the bike and for $2,999 it does need a little mechanical love, but the guy has put a lot into it already. CLICK HERE to see the ad. 

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