Detroit Electric SP:01

9:42:00 AM

So it looks like another Lotus Based Electric is going to be on the market, this one is not from the flashy Tesla or the now-bankrupt Fisker, but from an old American firm that first made Electric cars way back in 1907. In fact, Detroit Electric might be the most successful electric car company in history seeing as they have produced over 13,000 electric cars, sure it was from 1910-1939, but stats are stats. So now the company is back after a 70-year absence with their own version of the Lotus Elise with an electric drivetrain.

The SP:01 is promising to be the fastest pure-electric production car on the market with a 0-60 of just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph. They are also claiming a 180-mile range on a single charge. If you want one of the $135,000 electric roadsters, you should get your order in soon as production is supposed to start in August of 2013.

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