by Mike Satterfield

After getting back from the Lake I got in touch with Doug Adler the owner of the car, who gave me the back story on this incredible ride. The car was built in 1952 on a Manning 3" tube chassis using 36' Ford Suspension. It's powered by a Mercury Flathead with dual Stromberg carbs, and this car was built to really race. It did 128 MPH with a N/A Flathead at Bonneville and was a fixture at Southern California road course like Laguna Seca and Willow Springs. Doug got the car road legal and licensed for the street in 2006 and has even taken it for some spins around the race tracks.The original driver, J. Bellesiles, is a friend of Doug and at 80+ years of age he still helps him work on the car. Mr. Bellesiles will be back behind the wheel of the race car of his youth schedule at some historic festivals later this year.

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  1. Wow, I really, really like this type of car! Road race specials are a top pick of mine, have been for a LONG TIME. I was lucky enough to be at the Monterey Historics when they were a featured group one year.
    I won't be able ot have one of my own but as a model car builder I'm scheming up a model project of this kind of car. Nedd to find some junk car bodies to scavanage through.

  2. LOVE the detail on how the shifter works. Really unique!

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