More Automotive Gold Found in the Midwest

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Oklahoma is a state that has endured many booms and busts, from the Dust Bowl of the Dirty Thirties to Oil Booms, Cattle, and the residents of the state have just as many stories and just as tough. Oliver Jordon is one of those Tough “Okies”. In 1945 Oliver Jordon purchased an existing salvage yard in the town of Enid, Oklahoma. He bought and sold parts until the City told Oliver to make changes to his business for zoning. Oliver was a tough old bird, and no one, was going to tell him how he was going to run his business, so he shut the doors in 1953. Oliver continued to buy cars and expanding his collection and soon his property was covered with hundreds of Collector vehicles from the Teens to 1940’s and some 1950’s. He set up guard to his fortress with barbed wire and mean dogs. Nobody was going to take his property and tell him what to do.

He was known as the “man with all the cars”.  Mr. Jordon constantly had guys wanting to buy his cars and parts, but he constantly said, “NO!”. Mr. Jordon was constantly trying to keep his privacy and guarding his land against expansion from the City of Enid. One story is that there was a map of the City of Enid, and was color coded for area of inccoperation, and Mr. Jordon’s land was a pink 3 acres are with a single “pink Middle finger” representing this stubborn old man resisting being incorporated. He didn’t want to follow the Cities’ Rules, and didn’t want anyone telling him what to do with his cars or his life. Mr. Jordon shared his life with his wife Ruby, and of course all the old iron. Both of which were dear to Oliver Jordon. IN 2001 Ruby fell off a ladder and the family came in to help. One Grandson, Stuart Piontek, became determined to better know this tough Character. He started working with his Grandparents to help them get ready for their end years. He helped move the cars, inventory them, and built a building to help protect some of them. Many of the original buildings were in des-repair and starting to fall on the cars. One of which was his Grandpa’s 1936 Cord, among others. Oliver Jordon died in 2004 and left his wife Ruby with all that old Iron.

 The family again worked to help her out and one time they had advertised and offered the collection as a whole. This led too many visits from several famous people, but didn’t conclude in a final deal. Rudy has now passed away and the family is now offering this amazing collection at auction to the highest bidder on the Weekend of June 7th, 2014.

VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC will offer this amazing collection of approx. 250 Collection cars that are everything from the Teens to some from the 1950’s. The majority of this amazing collection is the 1930’s and 1940’s. There are many RARE cars in this collection including  1936 Cord, 1937 Cord, One supercharged, and 1939 all Aluminum Lincoln 7 passenger Sedan.  There are hundreds of Cars, and Bodies that are amazing for Rod, Restore, and Parts. The collection is not limited to vehicles, but hundreds of collector parts primarily from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

This will be a big weekend and if you are a Hot-Rodder, Rat-Rodder, or restorer, you won’t want to miss this auction. The Auction will be held at the Jordon Home in Enid, Oklahoma. The auction will be held on-site and also on-line. Many of the parts will be offered only to on-site bidders. If you can’t come to the auction, VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC will also offer the vehicles and some parts on an on-line auction. But you’ll want to be in person. The property must be cleared so this is your only chance to buy one of these unique pieces of history. The chance starts at 9:30 June 7th and goes all day and possible on the 8th, 2014. Preview June 6th, 2014! All will be sold AS IS and NO RESERVE!  Watch for Details on Face book,, and or Free Newsletter.  Plan now to attend this amazing auction.

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