For Sale: Ford GT Prototype

1:44:00 PM

by Michael Satterfield
The 2005 Ford GT Prototype, chassis PB1-3 was used for testing before the production Ford GT hit the road. After Ford was done with the car, automotive legend Steve Saleen purchased the car. Painted in the "heritage" blue (Gulf Racing Blue) but without the signature orange stripe makes this a true one of a kind. The car has just under 10,000 miles on the clock and several other prototype only items like one off exhaust, control arms, and a kill switch.

The car popped up on the DuPont Registry and lists the price at only $399,988, much less than you would expect a for a prototype, in fact other production GT's with the Gulf Oil theme are listed for $495,0000 while most are in the $230K range. Check out the listing HERE.

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