Jungle Covairs

1:56:00 PM

Photo via The City Paper Bogata 
by Michael Satterfield

Back in 1961 a Chevrolet decided to get some interesting publicity for their new Corvair by taking the cars on a Top Gear style adventure across the Darien Gap. For those of you you need a little brushing up on your geography lesson the Darien Gap is a section of swamp and jungle and separates Panama from Colombia and is the only break in the Pan American Highway that connects North America to South America.

The three red Corvairs set out with a back up team of 4X4 Chevy trucks in support loaded with welding equipment, tools, and a small army of laborers to cut a path through the jungle. The car did make it but they were so destroyed that Chevrolet just left the cars in the jungle,. at least one is still sitting in the Colombian jungle to this day.

Check out the two part video below about the expedition. Sorry that the quality is so bad:

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