5 Travel Tips

12:21:00 PM

by Michael Satterfield 
Twitter @thegentracer 

I like to consider myself a bit of a globetrotter, there is a lot more I would like to see out there in this world. So as I am prepping for my next adventure in Indonesia I thought I would share some of my top travel tips that make my trips more enjoyable.

1. Dress for the trip

I travel a lot by car here in the US, but if I am going to the airport I dress for security. If you are road tripping rock whatever you want, but if you fly as often as I do you quickly learn you have to dress for the airport. I dress to be comfortable but I make sure I have on some comfortable shoes that come on and off easy. Belts, bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, watches, cell phone, wallet, etc.. are all in my carry on. Don't be the guy holding up security pulling off his cowboy boots and belt and loose change, oh and wallet, and... you get the idea.

2. Check your luggage

Unless you are just popping up to San Francisco for the weekend, pack a bag and check your luggage. There is nothing worse than wondering the plane looking for that one last spot to jamb your overstuff carry-on into.

3. The Carry-On

I like to take my iPad, a notebook to sketch in, good quality headphones, and a light pullover. The pullover is important since sometimes you are landing in places at 11:30 at night and its chilly, plus it doubles as a emergency pillow/ back up shirt if you spilled something on your shirt. The iPad is important and make sure you have you charger since many planes have plugs built into the seats. Load up on games, movies, books, etc... the selection of films on some flights leaves a lot to be desired.

4. Food

You can't carry anything food from home through security, no drinks so you are forced to buy whatever is offered post security. In the US is generally burgers and fries or pizza or other fast food staples. But overseas there are lots of options, so try something different, if you have a connecting flight through Tokyo grab some ramen on a layover, if you are in France grab crape. You might only be on a layover, but you can always experiance a little bit of that destination while you are there, and food is one of the best ways to experience a culture. Plus airline food is getting worse and worse...

Speaking of food once you get to wherever you are going... don't eat at the "Hard Rock Cafe Rome" you can go to Las Vegas for that, besides did you really fly halfway around the world to eat a burger? Also avoid the touristy restaurants, if you see a busy restaurant do a fanny pack check... if far too many of the patrons are rocking their fanny packs and "these colors don't run" tee shirts look elsewhere. Ask where the locals eat and you'll get a more authentic food experience.

5. Plan your sleep

If you are going on a long flight, LA to Singapore for example, plan to take a nap before or on the plane to help you sink up with local time when you land. I don't get jet lag so long as I have kept my sleep in balance. I am kind of blessed to be one of those people who can sleep anywhere. But nothing can spoil a trip like landing and being dead tired. I generally try to take a sleeping pill and knock out for the duration of the flight.

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