Car Tech: new app promises real revs

9:05:00 AM

by Michael Satterfield 
Twitter @thegentracer 

I get asked to review products, tools, and a number of other car related things all the time. So when Nathan Balli the developer of Real Revs contacted me, I expected it was just another company, but instead I found a young enthusiast who loves cars. Nathan is a high school junior who took app developing classes at a the local university and Real Revs is his passion project.

So Real Revs is a app for your phone or tablet that allows you to hear high quality recordings of sports cars. Nathan says he is working on adding more sound clips from additional manufacturers. The sound recording quality is impressive and the app is well designed and easy to use. Its 99 cents on the app store and you can get it on Android or Apple. While I was offered a promo code I decided to just purchase the app and support the effort. The cars included are Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis and several others. Nathan says he is working on adding Ford as it is one of the most requested brands.

So the app is great looking, easy to use, only 99 cents....but the only thing is.... I really don't know what I would do with this app! I mean sure I can click through and listen to the recordings, but honestly I would rather be playing Real Racing 3 or watching Top Gear on my tablet if I had down time. Since sound quality is amazing the only thing I would want to do with the clips is use them as ringtones... and the app does not do that.

Check out more about Real Revs HERE

Links to the app:

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