Concept: Fiat 500 Roadster

1:55:00 PM

 by Michael Satterfield

Designer David Obendorfer is one of the most talented conceptual automotive designers who does not work for a car company. This design was originally released in 2012 and like all designers he tweaked it a little more. This is a car I would consider buying as a long time fan of Fiat having owned more than eight over the years, I have been wanting a modern sporty Fiat again.

The car carries all of the design cues of the 500, but David has successfully grafted design elements from the 124 Spider, into the design. The 124 was one of the last Fiats sold in the USA before they called it quits on the the US market in 1984. A car like this would round out the Fiat line and be a great competitor to the Mini Roadster. 

Source: David Obendorfer 

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