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I was aimlessly clicking around on Facebook today while enjoying lunch when I ran across a company called Canvas Bag Machine. Good duffle bags are hard to find.... the ones that I end up liking are always $1,000 or more, or the quality ends up leaving much to be desired (some of you might remember my major label duffle that fell apart after one trip). I know I am rough on the equipment but I expect a bag that costs a few hundred dollars to hold up beyond one adventure in Central America.

To top it off they are made to order in the USA, each bag is crafted in the Canvas Bag Machine Maine studio.
The company is a third-generation family business they have released a series of timeless canvas bags, that include standard totes, bucket bags, and this duffle. "The Summit" duffle looks like it is perfect for a weekend road trip/carry on. The bags come in a range of standard colors, however, there is a custom order option allowing you to mix and match to create a bag all your own.

Now I have not seen or used a Canvas Bag Machine duffle in person, but from what I have seen they look to be well made. The color selection is nice and it even looks like it would make a great camera bag. Priced at just $248, I am going to have to do a luggage check when I get home to see if I need to replace my carry on for my tour of Asia this summer.

Visit their site by clicking HERE

Source: Canvas Bag Machine's Facebook Page

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