Road Trip Update II: East Java & Bali/Lombok

5:33:00 PM

By Michael Satterfield

So again sorry that I have not been updating too much, but wifi has been a little spotty at some of the locations we have been traveling. Our trip has taken us to so many places in Eastern Java and now onto Bali/Lombok and the Gili Islands. In Bandung we made friends with RWB Indonesia's Michael and shot his collection of VW and Porches for a story when we get back. In Surabuya we ran into the Ferrai owners club of Indoensia out on a rally and shot some pictures of their cars at the hotel we were all staying at. In Bali I have been photographing the many custom Vespas and Motorcycles that choke the streets of Kuta and Ubud. On the Gili Islands the only traportation allowed is bicycle or horse carts, so not to many car related stories there, but we did hike up to some cool WWII Japanese bunkers on the top of the hills. So there is a lot coming, Roman our man in Japan, has just visited the Nissan Heritage collection and has some amazing images coming from that. 

Tonight I will be headed back to Jakarta and hope to meet up with the Jakarta Classic Mini club for a shoot and to meet their members but transportation in Jakarta is a pain as going just about anywhere any time of day can take two+ hours due to traffic. 

I will be back in the states in July and uploading stories soon thereafter. As always follow along on the adventure on my twitter @TheGentRacer or Instagram @TheGentlemanRacer

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