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10:41:00 AM

by Michael Satterfield

Fitness guru Nick Long of NickFitt stopped by the barn last week for a quick photo shoot. I had just received some new watches in from MAX Watches to review and check out. So I pulled some products from my line Morgan's & Phillip's, some classic Levi's and some glasses from my favorite online glasses shop Zenni and we put together this quick shoot. (Links to all the products are at the bottom of this post)

There are tee shirts and there tee shirts, for this shoot I used tees from both my premium and basic line, you can see that the premium tees are fitted and less boxy, depending on your body type you might want to go with a more boxy tee, if you happen to be a personal trainer like Nick go with the fitted tee.

Watch Orange Legend - 52mm by MAX Watches, Tee Gulf by MP Speed Shop
I ran across this company MAX Watches online and sent them a message asking if I could check out some of their newest line. They sent over several watches in different styles for me to look at. MAX watches are designed in the Netherlands and manufactured overseas using Japanese automatic and quartz movements. They have watches priced between $22-$700 and all come in nice packaging and are well designed. In handling the watches they have a nice weight to them, they don't feel cheap and while many of their designs echo higher end watches like Tag Heuer they are unique enough to stand on their own. Out of the watches I have seen in person I would have to say that the Tobacco Gentlemen or the Flare Grand Prix would be welcome additions to my collection.

Watch Flare Grand Prix - 40x45mm by MAX Watches

Watch Flare Grand Prix - 40x45mm by MAX Watches, Tee Shelby by MP Basics

Tee Shelby by MP Speed Shop, Watch Orange Legend - 52mm by MAX Watches
Jeans Levi's 511s, Glasses Zenni Optical.

There are pretty much two brands of denim that dominate my closet and my styling racks, Levi's the American classic, and American Eagle Outfitters. Today's shoot we used some standard Levi's 511's and stuck with that. For the ultra denim obsessed I know you can preach about your $400 virgin denim from Japan you have been wearing for 5 years before its first wash to get that perfect fit... well I like jeans but since I do actual things that involve more than sitting around a coffee shop on denim forums I like jeans that fit well, last, and are not so dear to me that I would not be willing to climb under a old Fiat on the side of the road. Levi's and American Eagle tick all those boxes and you can buy them anywhere, but some of my favorite pairs have come from my favorite thrift store Community West in Corona California.

Watch Nitro GP Racer - 42mm by MAX Watches

Watches: MAX Watches
Jeans: Levi's via Community West Upscale Resale (Thrift Store)
Glasses: Zenni Optical

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