Bryan Thompson launches automotive design scholarship

4:58:00 PM

by Michael Satterfield

TruTV's season finale of Motor City Masters aired last night and while Camilo Pardo took home the honor of Motor City Master. Designers of the future are the real winners thanks to Bryan Thompson who came in second. First prize was $100,000 and a Camaro Z28. But Thompson had committed to giving anything won to start a scholarship for students interested in car design. Knowing this Pardo gave Thompson the Camaro so he can auction off the car, worth some $80,000 to kick off the Bryan Thompson Design Scholarship.

Thompson (pictured on the left) on Motor City Masters season finale with fellow design Camilo Pardo 

"My goal is to find that kid out there who is being told there is something wrong with him," Thompson told from a poolside viewing party. "And I want him to know that he is right and everyone else is wrong."

Learn more about the scholarship at

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