Bugatti Veyron Crashed On Purpose

11:24:00 AM

by Michael Satterfield

You might remember way back in 2009 when Andy House of Performance Auto Sales crashed one of just 15 (at the time) Bugatti Veyron's in the US went flying off the road and landed in the Gulf of Mexico. If not you can see the old post with video HERE

According to federal authorities, Andy admitted to deliberately driving his $1.6 million car into Gulf waters so that he could collect insurance on the vehicle and has pleaded guilty to wire fraud. House had purchased the Bugatti Veyron and had it insured for $2.2 million.

His original story was that he crashed while reaching for his cell phone, landing in the water near Galveston, Texas. The salt water flooded the engine ruining the car, the viral video of the crash was one of the key pieces of evidence used against House. He faces up to 20 years in prison for the fraud charges.

Source: ABC 13

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