El Mirage Tow Truck: Chevrolet Apache

10:29:00 AM

by Michael Satterfield

Land Speed Racing is one of the last true grassroots motorsports, sure there are the really big guys with jet powered corporate sponsored cars. But the bulk of the drivers are enthusiasts who are chasing a personal dream of speed. I have shot a lot of photos up at El Mirage, the dry lake has been a mecca of speed for the hot rodders of the Los Angeles area for over 60 years.

This photo set is focused on tow rig of one of those low budget racers who has been chasing his own dream of speed under the banner of "So What Speed Shop" since 1998. This classic Chevy Apache has just the right mix of age and custom touches to make it ultra cool. "So What Speed Shop" was started by Scottish born speed freak Shug Hanchard at the 98' Bonneville Speed Week. So far Shug and his team has set over 30 land speed records and like all racers is chasing the next one.

Check out the official "So What Speed Shop" website HERE

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