Motor Trend’s Controversial Video

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by Michael Satterfield

Motor Trend recently released a video about Jessi Lang and her recovery after a major accident she had while on assignment in Germany. It is a story about the challenges she faced with rehabilitating her shattered leg, her perseverance, and getting back to work again. She is one tenacious lady, who has been through a hell of a lot. Many found it inspiring and brave that "The J-Turn" star produced this heartfelt message sharing something deeply personal.

But this is the internet....many in the automotive community feel there is much more to the story and found the omission of the status of the passenger that was in the Audi R8 she was driving and the driver in the car she collided with as disturbing and narcissistic. I would like to point out that we don't know what was left on the cutting room floor.

She starts the video by stating "The Accident was not my fault" which has been one of the most controversial points legitimate journalists and internet trolls alike have latched onto. Comments on forums, blogs, and Facebook were filled with negative reaction to the video which at the time of this posting is at nearly 180,000 views on YouTube.

Comments from the Motor Trend Facebook Page

 George Achorn of summed up the controversy well in his story on
"Beyond placing blame entirely on the other driver, I have a few further problems with the Motor Trend piece. First, they don’t give any voice or even a health update for the other driver who was also seriously injured. They talk about that R8 GTR as if it’s still around to be driven. It’s not. It is destroyed. Finally, they never even mention the health status of the second occupant of the car. They mention him several times prior to the crash, including even how he yelled out before impact. However, they never go back to say how he is now."

When a thread on Reddit popped up with many questioning the status of the passengers Jessi responded herself to questions from the community in regards to the status of the others involved in the crash.
"The other driver was also medevaced, but I stayed in the hospital three times longer than he did. My passenger also sustained an injury, but he made a complete recovery within several weeks."
Replying to several posts and interacting with the Redditors quelled most of the negative feelings on the thread. But it seems Motor Trend could have found a way to tell Jessi's amazing story of recovery, without making her appear as if she was the only person in the accident that mattered.

I wish Jessi and all involved well with the rest of the healing process, but I hope Motor Trend will take a look at how they presented this story and hopefully learn from this PR blunder.

Watch the original Video Below:

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