Moto Managua

1:19:00 PM

Having been traveling to Central America for over 15 years now, working with NGO's and Humanitarian Missions mostly in Nicaragua, I have taken a lot of pictures. Being a gear-head I take lots of pictures of motorcycle, cars, or anything else with an engine.  

Like much of the "Third-World" motorcycles are a way of life and for many in Nicaragua; they serve as the only means of transportation for many working families in and around the Capital City of Managua. Much like the pictorial I shot in Bandung, Indonesia earlier this year, here is a glimpse into the world of Motorcycling in Managua. 

Moto Taxi making the round of Ciudad Sandino

Morning commuter in Managua, only riders are required to wear helmets...passengers have to hope for the best.

Doing the day's shopping

Yamaha parked on the street in Granada, Nicaragua
Moto Taxis like this are a recent import from India and are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for entrepreneurs. 

Another version of a Moto Taxi made in country using a Chinese Motorcycle

Texting and riding through the crowd as everyone gets off work from a major factory outside of Managua

Girl riding with her father to school outside of Tipitapa

The Terminix Exterminator (note the Mouse Shaped Box on the back of his motorcycle)

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