Drive: 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

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This week I have been driving the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Convertible. I have to admit I was not expecting much from the car since I had already once owned a 2.3 liter turbocharged Ford Mustang... and it was terrible. It was 2003 and I was working at a local Mustang parts place when I stumbled upon a 1984 Ford Mustang GT Turbo, not an SVO, same motor but non-intercooled. I restored the cars interior, buffed the paint out, added a Saleen rollbar and a Rapido Front Mount Intercooler that was originally intended for the XR4ti.

The car was so clean it was even featured by Ford on their centennial celebration website. But no matter what I did the car could not keep up with SR20 powered Nissan 240's that were becoming the car of choice for hoonigan youths, so I traded it for a MGB-GT... I know what you are thinking, but that is a much longer story (I had several other cars at the time).

Just after high school I had also had the 1990's version of this car...Mustang Convertible 2.3 automatic, a car so slow that on steep mountain passes I would have to pull over so the VW buses could pass me. So the bar for a four cylinder Mustang is pretty low.

My old 1984 Ford Mustang 2.3 Turbo
Despite my past experiences, I was excited to get behind the wheel of the 2015 since I saw the live unveil in Hollywood. The styling is a homerun, as much as I liked the retro-vibes of the last body style, it was time to make a Mustang for the next generation. I had some photo shoots to do anyways so I took the car all over Southern California.

So after over 400 miles behind the wheel of the EcoBoost Mustang, I have to say I am impressed, its actually fast, smooth, and fun to drive. This car was a fully loaded automatic and as much as I love all the gadgets like air conditioned seats, back up camera, flappy paddle gearbox, there are a few things I would not order on mine. I really would like to get behind the wheel of a manual gearbox coupe to see how the EcoBoost really handles the canyon roads. The base model is a good value as well at under $28,000 with the optional Recaro Sports Seats and Aluminum Pedals, its the best deal on a sporty coupe in town. The Premium Convertible we tested comes in at around $38,000

One thing that struck me as odd about the premium package is that the car has already been to Pep Boy's accessory department. From teal blue glowing Mustang door scuff guards, to the super annoying projected pony logo puddle lamps, everything you would expect to buy at your local autoparts store comes standard on the premium package. I suppose the pony puddle lamp is there to appeal to those last-time-buyers but it is not something I would want on my car.

On the road the car is amazing and well composed, I took it up to one of my favorite canyons, put it in track mode and manual shift (via flappy paddles) and have to say that the only thing that needs some tweaking is a slightly lower ride height and some stickier tires. The car has no problem being fun and easy to drive fast. The cars electronics keep you from downshifting incorrectly but in manual track mode the car feels, sounds, and acts like the Mustang we have been waiting for.

Check out the video below where I talk about the car and take it for a quick drive.

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