Judge Says Murder Charges Might Not Stick

8:15:00 AM

Henry Michael Gevorgyan and Izzy Valenzuela have both pled not guilty to charges of murder. Both men have been charged with two counts of murder and one count of engaging in a motor vehicle speed contest. According to reports from the courtroom the judge said that the evidence might not back up the murder charges since the district attorney admitted that neither man was behind the wheel of the Mustang on the night of February 28th. 

The driver of the Mustang is still a mystery to the public. It is obvious that both Gevorgyan and Valenzuela should know who the driver of the Mustang was since it seems to have been a well organized event and Gevorgyan, the owner of the Mustang, was acting at the flag man for the race. Friends and family that came to court also refused to comment on who the mystery driver, that fled the scene after killing the two spectators and injuring a thrid, might be. 

Prosecutors say that the race winner stood to take home $6,000 and that over $1,000 in bets were placed by spectators over the outcome between the Mustang GT and Nissan GTR that ended tragically. Both men are still each being held on two million dollars bail as the DA wants to make an example of them, police and the LA city council are also seeking to expand their ability to seize cars that are alleged to have been used in street racing.  

Photo: Screen Grab from CBS 2 News

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