Our latest Project Car: Fiat 131

4:40:00 PM

Things you find lurking on eBay in the wee hours of the morning are cars like this, a unloved, Fait 131 Brava sedan. While it might not look like much, this car when new came from the factory with a 2.0 DOHC pumping out a smooth 102 hp and boasting a top speed of 110 miles per hour. A fun fact about the Fiat 131 for all your hybrid drivers out there. In 1980, Fiat launched the the 131 Ibrido featuring the small 903 cc engine from the Fiat 127 engine, de-tuned to 33 hp, and mated to a 24 kW DC electric motor. Power is also provided by regeneration via the braking system, all of this electricity was stored in the trunk were 386 lbs of batteries sat.. While just a prototype, the 131 Ibrido was pretty much the Prius, before Prius.

This Brava is not a hybrid other than it will have a drivetrain swap done on it, since this car is missing the motor. Check out the video below which includes me picking up the car and a nice tour of the preeminent sports sedan of 1979!

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