Project Z: Update

1:11:00 PM

Project Z has been undergoing a major transformation, from the straight but tired car we found in the Nevada desert to its original Datsun white. The car was stripped down to the shell and shipped off to be painted by a good friend of ours. We went so far as to repaint all of the interior metal after doing a small patch in the floor the only spot we had any rust.

You can see the difference below, it was a lot more work, but starting with a fresh shell inside makes the rest of the reassembly cleaner and easier.

The paint came out great and we are busy putting the interior back together and installing the new upholstery and exterior trim. On Roman's trip to Tokyo a few weeks ago he was able to pick up the correct OEM Nissan fender mirrors. We look forward to installing them shortly.

The Z as we found it in the Nevada desert storage yard

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