So Cal Drifter Hits Spectator

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The car community on Social Media has been sharing and posting this video of a drifter allegedly from a Compton California car crew called "Paisa Drift" who decided to celebrate the 4th of July by going for a drive. Nothing wrong with that... but it all went a little sideways when some of those in attendance began to drift their cars on Turnbull Canyon Road. Many in the community are fed up and want to get drivers like this off the street as bad as law enforcement. 

 Originally posted by FormulaDerp who has been on a mission to get this guy off the streets. 

The car in question appears to be called the predator according to the Pisa Drift Instagram account, but no word on if the driver has been arrested or will face any charges.
A video posted by Los Angeles Paisa Drift (@paisadrift) on

Many in the car community are calling for this type of reckless action to stop since it only draws more scrutiny from the authorities on law abiding car enthusiasts.
Yeah. Those are legs. After this, he fled the scene. As a #drift community, this is a FUCK YOU of the highest order. you are not welcome in our shops. You are not welcome at our events. You are not welcome on this earth, as far as I'm concerned. We want our Motorsport back. This will skew the public eye of state-side drifting forever. Myself and the thousands that follow this page will make sure your faces are known and your cars are recognized. This is a call to arms. Stand up and don't let a handful of worthless fucking shitbags go on doing what they do. ••• @paisadrift license #6FWE123 HIT AND RUN WHILE STREET DRIFTING IN CALI. @emirs13 - Amir @cwerk_fabian - Fabian Carrera @mario13s - Mariano Pineda @jonwasthere - John Nguyen ••• I know there are more - that's the best I can do this early. Tag all local shops, event holders and organizers to make sure these dangerous people are not allowed to further embarrass drifting to the public eye. #operationpaisadeath
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Paisa Drift responds to "fan boys and fuck boys" in video on their Facebook Page

Truth and forget all the made up stuff
Posted by Myhousedrift on Monday, July 6, 2015

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