Porsche Classic helps you clean up

11:23:00 AM

Have a classic Porsche? Have tons of disposable income? Have a need to validate your exclusivity? Well the team at Porsche Classic has the detailing kit that is right for you. Coming it at just $523 for the 17 pc kit, you get everything you need to properly detail and care for your Porsche. While the duffle bag is really cool, I think you could likely get the bulk of this stuff for under $150 from a good detail supply place. But you won't have the exclusivity of having a sponge with a Porsche logo on it.

You can get yours HERE

From Porsche Classic: 

The relationship with your Porsche is something very special - and just long-term relationships should be cultivated. The 17-piece Pflegset by Porsche Classic is the best remedy for it. It consists of a combination of different products for the entire exterior area and is suitable for all Porsche paint generations.

Specially designed: all toiletries included were tested under the harshest conditions, and precisely tailored to the requirements of your vehicle.

Particularly authentic: the high-quality storage bag in a classic style with Pepita pattern.

One goal: to get your passion for the original drive and love for classic cars. So that you can shine with your classics on the road for a long time.

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