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If you’re a guy it's likely you know the Website This popular website for college students and those who might be longing for those college days again is has made the move to the big screen with Total Frat Movie.

Total Frat Movie is extreme, don’t watch this film with the parents or kids! It begins with a stoked Charlie Martin (Justin Deeley) as he is initiated as the newest member of Alpha Chi Gamma. The fun is quickly terminated when the Kappas, their frat rival, secretly sabotage their celebratory fireworks and burn the Alpha house to the ground. Dean Kravitz (Tom Green) disciplines them by revoking their chapter, and just like that, Charlie's dream of following in his late father's footsteps, one of Alpha's most legendary members, goes up in smoke. Three years later, Charlie discovers a loophole in the college’s Greek Life guidelines, so the Dean agrees to reinstate the Alphas under one condition: get 15 members by the end of rush week. One problem: rush week starts in 24 hours and the only pledges left are a band of misfits. It's Animal House for a new generation!

Four years ago, Executive Producer Robert Sanitsky received a call from his then 19-year-old daughter, from her sorority house at the University of Texas. Sanitsky recalls, “She said, “Dad, there’s this new website. I don’t know where it came from, but in the last three weeks it’s all anybody’s talking about.” She said, “Dad, I think it would make a great film or TV show.”

A few weeks later Sanitsky and co-executive producer Brian Ross were on their way to Austin to meet the owners of the Website, fraternity brothers Madison Wickham and Ryan Young, to discuss bringing the site to the movies, television and more. Three years later, when had  reached 12 million unique monthly views and was listed in the 10 most watched websites for college students, just behind Google, ESPN and Nintendo, It was finally time to make a movie.

Total Frat Movie was released in theaters and on-demand nation-wide on September 23, 2016.
You can purchase the movie on iTunes or Amazon

Run time: 93 Minutes
Directed by: Warren P. Sonoda
Writers: Stephen Fromkin, Sacha Pavlovic
Cast: Justin Deeley, Nick Bateman, Steven Yafee, Alex House, Anna Pirvu, Rebecca Dalton and Tom Green
Distributor: Gravitas Ventures

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