Artist: Jon Stevens

9:05:00 AM

Jon Stevens, a retired engineer from the UK, has always had a passion for vintage racing cars, the details are what he liked, the rivets, decals, the mirrors, and latches. When looking for something unique to decorate his walls he decided to take his background in engineering and build a one of a kind replica race car panel. The result was a period correct door, side panel, trunk, or hood that looked like it came directly from a team's spare parts. It didn't take long for the automotive community to catch on to Jon's talent, and now he is shipping his unique artwork all over the world.

Each panel is  hand-made and take around 4 week's to produce. Made hand formed aluminum that is riveted, painted and decorated with the appropriate decals, mirrors, and latches as if it came off the original car. Each panel is approximately  36''  wide but sizes vary depending on the model being replicated.

These are such faithful reproductions of Vintage Formula 1, Indy 500, and other classic motorsports that you'll swear they are the real thing, sparking conversations with all who see it hanging on you wall.

Prices star at $400 plus shipping and Jon accepts commissions for custom work, so you can have a panel that features your favorite driver or team. For more information please visit the Classic Racing Panels Facebook Page or email Jon directly at

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