Hoka Hey

8:50:00 PM

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a cross country motorcycle endurance ride designed to get participants out of their comfort zone and into places they might otherwise never go. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge dares participants to do without a few luxuries for the short duration of the event in order to test their own mettle and inspire change.

Anyone that rides an American manufactured motorcycle and feels up to the Challenge is welcome to join the upcoming event which kicks off on July 15, 2018 from Medicine Park, OK; a town situated in the Wichita Mountains on the banks of the Medicine Creek. This event will remain entirely within the lower 48 States and will run nearly 10,000 miles before heading back to Medicine Park for the finish line. The 2018 Challenge will culminate with another sensational End of the Road party to be held on July 28th.

Originally a meeting place for indigenous peoples who believed the waters provide life and healing powers; Medicine Park has developed into a quaint cobblestone resort town where tourists flock to enjoy the mountains, wildlife, swimming pool, and great food and lodging. Kim Johnson, a representative of Medicine Park, said, “The town is excited to host the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge in 2018. We support the motorcycle community and are looking forward to sharing our town with Challengers and their families and supporters.”

Please visit www.HokaHeyChallenge.com to learn more about the 2018 Challenge as well as the Gathering being this coming summer. Because, the experience of long distance riding will heal the soul and finding community and friendship on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is Good Medicine!

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