2010 Hennessey Supercar "Venom GT"

Over two years ago John Hennessey announced plans to build his very own supercar to take on the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini with his own American Supercar. It looked as if it was never going to happen, however, it seems Hennessey's plans are still a go. Just announced through its newsletter the Texas-based Hennessey will be launching the Venom GT at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March. In my opinion, the car looks like a Lotus Elise that grew up, perhaps they hired some of the "designers" working for Geely in China. Not that it does not look good, but park it next to an Exige in a parking lot and you may have some confusion.

The car has a listed curb weight of only 2400 lbs and the engine is now a "Hennessey V8" rather than the twin-turbo Viper V10 that was expected to power the mid-engine road rocket. Power is listed as up to 1,200 bhp and top speed has been listed as 272 mph. We can't wait to see in person and get some actual performance numbers, but with Hennessey, we know it will be incredibly fast.