From the Makes You Wonder File: The WolfSpyder

I am all for developing unique and interesting vehicles, however, I think this one here is a little interesting. The folks over at Goblin Motors have created (at least virtually) a new kit car that will be offered for sale shortly, like most three wheel kit cars in the past, mostly built from plans in Popular Mechanics, this one trike is built with the use of a Can-Am Spyder. However, when you put it all together you are looking at an investment of over 40K to put one on the road. How do I get to the 40K mark? Well a can Am is about $15K, the kit is almost $20K, plus you figure you need to paint it, and I am guessing upholster the interior, and provide other trim. I am thinking a nice BMW 1 Series would be a better buy.

Below is the official info direct from Goblin Motors.

The WolfSpyderTM reverse trike body kit is designed for single occupancy, city or highway travel in fair weather. Designed to easily bolt onto a donor motorcycle (Can-Am SpyderTM*). This vehicle is manufactured as a kit that you complete and licensed as a motorcycle using the donor’s title. All suspension components are standard, re-used from the SpyderTM trike. The rear vertical fin is non-functional and may improve visible presence in traffic.
WolfSpyderTM body kit: $19,995 (Can Am SpyderTM not included).