New Canadian


Back in the swing of things Luc Chartand is back with the Plethore LC 750 we first saw in 2007, the prototype has been improved upon, and while we have not seen the new vehicle from Canadian car guy and designer will be officially unveiled at the IAA International Auto Show in Frankfurt this September. 

The car is built almost entirely out of Carbon Fiber and features a Center driving position with room for two passengers, like the world famous McLaren F1. While no official numbers on the performance of the new car have been released yet, I expect that the 750-horsepower V8, channeled through a 6-speed manual transaxle should motivate the 2535 lb. car down the road rather quickly.

The HTT Plethore LC 750 will cost just over $360,000 USD, that makes it a good deal compared to North Americas other Supercar the Ultimate Aero at over $650,000. If HTT offers the 1,300 horsepower version of the Plethore it may even give the Aero a run for the title of fastest car in the world.

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