Funny Internet People

So I am on a lot of forums and other websites throughout my day. I ran across a 17 year old kid on a Mustang Forumwho was telling everyone that the Nissan RB series motor was a pile of junk and that the only way to make real horsepower is with a 50 year old 7.0 liter Ford Engine and Carburetor. So I point him towards a few compaines that will build a RB30DET with 900 hp for $14,500 and that the Ford Racing engine with more than two times the dispalcement is $36,000. My friend who worked for a major tuner would often be under the hood wrenching on Skylines with 600+hp using only bolt on kits from Greddy or other suppliers. This whole debate was touched off by the move Tokyo Drift where the hero of the story installs a RB25 engine into a 67 Mustang.

Here is what the brain trust had to say:

"I'd like to see you build a 600HP RB30 for equal to or less than what it would cost to build a 600hp 351... also i would LOVE to know where to get a RB30DET for 14,5k with 900 hp..Your RB30 may have 600 Hp but i bet its only got 350-400 lbs feet of torque, thats why it has to spin 11K to get the "hp" a 351 with 600 Hp is going to have right about the exact same amount of torque at less than half of 11k rpm.. i'm no one brand hardliner. but when someone talks out of their back end i can't help but give my own point..."