Remember MG??? Their Back...Kind of

Remember the MG Midget, MGA, the MGB-GT all iconic, all very British. The company started building cars in the 1930's and changed the every mans sports car with the introduction of the T series. However Morris Garages has had a few owners over the years and none of them have been really any good since British Motor Corporation. BMW sold the rights to the MG name to Nanjing Automobile Group...they wanted to take the name MG and make it synonymous with "Modern Gentleman"... so now MG is known as MG Motor UK Limited, the company recently merged with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. So as you can see MG has become somewhat of a hot potato. All of this has to get to the point about the first new Chinese built MG, known as the MG6 a four-door liftback that was unveiled at the Guangzhou Motor Show. The car is based on the old Rover 75 chassis that was introduced in 1998...

The MG6 will be offered in China first and then find its way to the west where it will continue to destroy the MG name and brand history. Nothing says "Modern Gentleman" like driving a 5 door liftback, built on a 12 year old chassis, with the badge of what once was a sports car company on the bootlid.

How about a Modern Midget, a Retro MGA roadster, and modern MGB-GT, but no, the Chinese overlords have decided to place the Octagon on what looks like a cleaned up Daewoo. According to a company spokesperson they are planing on building these new "MG" cars in the UK by 2011.
[Source: Autoblog China]