Vespa Limo

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Vespas. Having owned a few over the years there is just something about a Vespa that can make a drive through the Dairy's in Chino instantly feel like you are in the Italian countryside. However, this abomination that was built by Vespa South Africa as a promotion should be swiftly destroyed.

According to Vespa the Vespa Limo has a number of advantages: It’s a sensible family car on two wheels and kids will look forward to going to school on it. You can be the designated driver and still park outside the front door of the party. When you make new buddies, you can take them home with you – and you save money on fuel.

If you want a "sensible family car" that is as cool as a Vespa, European, and Compact get a MINI. If you want to transform your trip to the grocery store into a vacation in Tuscany visit find a dealer and buy a normal Vespa.