Arizona May Kill Speed Camera Program

Speed Cameras are popular in the UK, they have almost 6,000 of them out sending automated tickets to drivers. The state of Arizona thought it would be a great idea to install big brother along some of its major motorways for only the good and noble reasons of protecting the public, and saving the children. So after installing 76 cameras, and issuing over 700,000 tickets since September 2008, they are reconsidering. Why you ask? Remember it was all for "the children"... well it looks like the combination of public outrage and lower then expected profits...I mean revenue has made the state rethink the speed cameras. While the cameras have generated over $36 million dollars in fines, it may not be enough for the privet firm that runs the speed cameras for the state was expecting a windfall of more like $127 million.

The hate for the speed cameras has prompted vigilantes have also been vandalizing cameras across the state, obstructing the camera lens with silly string, post-it notes, and tape. Authorities are a little worried that it could go farther, such as in the UK where someone blew a speed camera up (pictured), while yet another group is working on a state wide ballot measure that would render the cameras illegal.

[Source: New York Times Photo: Phoenix New Times]