Motus Motorcycles V4 – Direct Injection Motorcycle Engine

by Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" on 1/16/2010
Motus' new V4 is going to be quite the engine and anyone wondering if Made in the USA means anything anymore, you might consider, as Brian Case told me, this V4 is:
the first V4 made in America for a production vehicle, the first gDI production
motorcycle engine, and even the first gDI V4 for that matter.
GDI (gasoline direct injection) shoots gasoline directly into the combustion
chamber after air intake is complete, mitigating most of the issues of upstream
injection. Kevin Cameron details those issues in an article Cycle World just

The engine is designed by Katec in the state of Michigan, a tier one supplier to GM and supplier of the engines for the Pratt and Miller Corvettes.
When I look at this engine, especially the exploded view above, it reminds me of days long ago, when I was elbows deep in the innards of of a small block V8. The layout is the same, cam in the valley of the Vee and 2 valve heads, water pump up front, it's the rest of the technology that leaps ahead of those days gone by. Sweet.
You know, the more I hear about Motus, the more I like it. Go get 'em, guys!
UPDATE: 2 more images added to the group below including a side profile concept drawing of MST-01