Black Ruby Rolls-Royce Coupe For Sale

The problem with rare coach built cars is sometimes they are amazing other times they well... are well the polite way to say it is "interesting". Behold the DC Rolls-Royce Coupe, the one, the only, ever built. The Coupe that you see is not a product of the English, Italians, or even Zeeee Germans, it is brought to you direct from india by Dilip Chhabria of India. DC Designs has also charmed the automotive world with a $220,000 Tata Nano.... known for over the top wild designs the DC Rolls does not disappoint. It is alleged that this was built for an Indian maharaja, and has been spotted in the streets of London. Now for just $1.2 million dollars you can have the exclusive look of driving a 350Z with a Rolls Royce Grille...

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[Source: CarScoop]