Reader Spy: Next Pagani C9 supercar caught truckin' in South Africa

An reader snapped these pics of the Pagani C9 on a Trailer in South Africa. It's looking pretty good.

I was driving from the OR Thambo International Airport (used to be called
Johannesburg Intl) back home. This car carrier was standing next to the road,
unattended. I don't know if you know, but a lot of high speed testing gets done
in South Africa. One of our provinces (the Northern Cape) has parts that is part
of the Kalahari desert with deserted straight blacktop for hundreds of
kilometres on end. You get permission from the government (hence the yellow
stickers) to drive as much as you'd like on the roads. The Porsche Panamera did
round about 1600km in the Northern Cape last year. These pics were taken 14
February 2010.